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What’s on your horizon? Kasamba's online psychics offer live psychic readings to help you find your way to love and happiness. Enjoy online psychic chat or a psychic reading by phone and get answers and predictions from a top-rated psychic advisor.
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Everything You Need to Know About Psychic Readings

  • A safe place - All readings you get from our psychics are strictly confidential. You can also anonymize your session completely by selecting the live chat option.
  • An open mind - As the querent, do your best to bring an open-mind, and do not hesitate to ask your private questions. Your psychic is there to help.
  • The right psychic for you - With us, you get to choose your own psychic advisor. How? See next question.

  • Your first 3 minutes are free every time you choose a new psychic.
  • Confidential and anonymous.
  • No chat sounds. It's silent. It's private. It's yours.
  • With real-time typing, you see what your psychic types as they type it. There's no waiting.
  • Your chat sessions are automatically saved word for word. You can view them anytime!

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