About My Services

Raven Athena Franks Hello and welcome ! I would like to help you discover the truth. I can help you know his/her thoughts feelings and intentions in this relationship.I am a highly accurate clairvoyant(seeing visions of your life) and empathic(able to feel the feelings of you or your loved ones). Able to see both sides of a situation. Once you know the feelings and motivations it is very easy then to help to gain love again in your life. In depth Psychic readings. Accurate clairvoyant . No tarot cards used . No divination method. My information for you is received from a higher positive place. First time available to you. Astounding accuracy ! Will give you dates, times and physical descriptions of people in your life. 100% Honesty! . Master psychic and healer. I have done readings for a few celebrities and politicians . International clientelle . Worth the cost. Lower rates for returning clients .Just $5.50/min if we have had a previous reading. Just ask! If you are serious about finding out the answers you seek I am the reader for you! I am to the point. If you are not on the right path I will tell you. I can also give insight in how to change the outcome of a situation. Very compassionate. I do not judge your situation or advise you based on what I believe is right. My readings are based on what I see occurring for the future. My rate is higher than the average reader . This is due to the volume of readings I do daily. I have regular clientelle thru my psychic line and my website. If you become an established client I have discounted rates available . Blessings ! Please do not hit hire until connection is made.This helps me to connect with you and give you the most informative reading I can! ~Master Psychic~ ~Clairvoyant~ ~Times and Details given ~ ~Wicca High-Priestess~ ~Spells Available~(If requested) ~LOVE Expert~ ~One reading and you will know the difference~ ~Highly Uplifting~

Experience & Qualifications

20 years experience. I have been featured in Cosmopolitan ,Glamour and Complete Woman magazines. Listed as one of the top 10 psychics in the U.S. in 2001 by the New England Institute of paranormal research. Have own psychic line and have psychic website. I use my own abilities of clairvoyance and clauradience to connect and find the answers you seek. I am a full-time psychic doing extensive readings in my home,by phone and on the internet.