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** NEW on Kasamba ** Are you being guided here now as a pull from your angels wishing you to hear their prayers? I am happy to deliver to you messages from the angels through my connection with my own and angel oracle in order to bring you their heavenly messages and guidance! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have been practicing tarot and my own personal connection with the divine for over 10 years now! For 4 years I have been developing a strong and steady connection with my own angels that is loving and boundless. At this point now I have a strong stable connection with them to where I am given information during my reads and can actually often envision the angels surrounding you! I work with my Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle Decks in order to deliver heavenly guidance and direction so that you may receive the answers to your questions and guidance that will help lead you to the life you have been praying for. The angels are always here surrounding us, guiding us with their unconditional love but sometimes it just takes a little help to hear them clearly. I can help to deliver these messages as well as advise you on connecting more deeply with the angels in your life!

Experience & Qualifications

I have several years of experience with energy work and over 10 years of experience practicing divination including tarot and oracle readings. I aim to provide the highest benefit to the client which means giving you honest information even if it could seem blunt at times. I am a natural empath and healer that can feel to the root of certain issues and using divination and calling upon angels and the guides I can lead you to a renewal of your mind body and soul. Please trust in me; I have first hand experience in my life and others creating powerful and lasting change from victimhood to empowerment. With your open heart and my connection to spirit we can open doorways you might have missed before.


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher