Member: KAS
always honest. very good
Jul 30 2021
Member: Maciej
to the point
Jul 30 2021
Member: User_4684074
I appreciate his honesty and response time was great.thank you again for your time.
Jul 30 2021
Member: User_2490679
Thank you. Like always you’re a rockstar!
Jul 30 2021
Member: User_4164004
Accurate as always
Jul 29 2021
Member: User_2485068
Pretty thorough I guess we’ll see what happens
Jul 29 2021
Member: User_8012288
Thank you!
Jul 29 2021
Member: User_3174749
Always connects well to situation
Jul 29 2021
Member: User_8230682
Very straight forward I recommend!
Jul 29 2021
Member: User_2270786
This reading was right on spot… Omg. Thank you so much
Jul 28 2021

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