Member: User_5046398
Very detailed and thoughtful. Thank you Scarlett!
Feb 28 2021
Member: User_2702382
Excellent! And FAST: Connecting (no waiting forever&typist) Absolutely wastes no time with unnecessary questions and generic info. Gifted! Recommend. Try her reading, won’t be disappointed.
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_2999726
Very good.
Nov 16 2020
Member: Bullrider
thank you for the help you saved me right know
Aug 6 2020
Member: User_7ftn3j
Wow, very off, I dont know if she was just having a bad dau but it was the absolute worse reading I've ever had on here, sorry
May 12 2020
Member: User_3617643
Mar 1 2020
Member: joy
She is NOT psychic, she plugged in our dates into her astrology application and read them to me... Not worth your time! That is not someone you want to provide you details. I can do that myself on an astrology site, I wasn't not seeking astrology stuff, I truly needed the connection to be read.
Feb 28 2020
Member: User_8943406
Great session. Hope the predictions come to light.
Jan 24 2020
Member: User_3099548
Quick response
Jan 23 2020
Member: kate
great as always
May 30 2019
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