Member: User_2222814
Oct 21 2018
Member: Makino
Excellent, very intuitive and direct. Very helpful!
Oct 20 2018
Member: User_1265874
Thank you
Oct 19 2018
Member: User_5881839
Oct 18 2018
Member: Peace
Very helpful
Oct 18 2018
Member: User_5uy5t2
Always ask for dob so I'm skeptical off of that alone but I can't say that anything she's told me was true or came to pass. She can read a current situation (things in the present) but not things that actually happen (future) from my experience with this adviser.
Oct 18 2018
Member: Ladybyrd
Thank u very much
Oct 18 2018
Member: Bodie
Fantastic, so accurate and understanding!
Oct 17 2018
Member: User_5144963
This lady rocks, thank you
Oct 17 2018
Member: Ladybyrd
Thank you so much as usual
Oct 17 2018

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