Member: User_5855976
Can’t believe it she knows everything
Jan 28 2022
Member: Jeimy
Shes the best
Jan 27 2022
Member: User_4007641
tysm sis
Jan 27 2022
Member: Cristina
Definitely loved her energy . TYSM
Jan 25 2022
Member: User_4007641
tysm sis..
Jan 24 2022
Member: User_7083264
Always so interesting and helpful! Thank you looking forward to the next update!
Jan 23 2022
Member: User_7316438
fantastic reading am feeling positive and stronger , will be in touch shortly thank you
Jan 23 2022
Member: User_119307
Jan 23 2022
Member: User_8573765
Thank you
Jan 23 2022
Member: Vee
She is really amazing, very fast with a lot of details, and honest about the things she sees. She has been right in the past for me, and has predicted things which happened! She is my favourite adviser here!
Jan 23 2022

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