Member: MCRocha
This guy is a phenomena, very powerful and direct.
Aug 16 2018
Member: IndigoMin
I returned to David after a long absence because my life finally fell in place! :)... and as I remembered he is darned great!! Totally honest :). You don't need an entire novel to know the simple truth! He is to the point and that is what it comes down to, really. He SEES very clearly what really is, and tells it.
Aug 15 2018
Member: ellieo
Aug 15 2018
Member: Daniel Tal
Thank you David
Aug 15 2018
Member: Lea
quick grounded and wise
Aug 15 2018
Member: lourdes
Aug 15 2018
Member: hks
Aug 15 2018
Member: Jamie
Blunt, but truthful. Felt he was connected to my issue and confirmed my suspicions that he’s moved on and I must let go.
Aug 15 2018
Member: paul
Thank you again for your time and insight. Been very reliable in the past...
Aug 14 2018
Member: User_519938
Aug 14 2018

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