Member: User_2595451
He's fabulous as ever. And I believe things occur as he said they will for the most part. I trust this man very much.
Aug 20 2018
Member: Kristin
Totally amazing. Spot on and compassionate
Aug 20 2018
Member: User_3997046
Was very direct to the point
Aug 19 2018
Member: dream
awesome. that's y i always come back
Aug 19 2018
Member: User_7464452
Aug 17 2018
Member: User_1995527
Aug 17 2018
Member: User_1041801
Aug 16 2018
Member: Ron B
Nice person
Aug 16 2018
Member: MCRocha
This guy is a phenomena, very powerful and direct.
Aug 16 2018
Member: IndigoMin
I returned to David after a long absence because my life finally fell in place! :)... and as I remembered he is darned great!! Totally honest :). You don't need an entire novel to know the simple truth! He is to the point and that is what it comes down to, really. He SEES very clearly what really is, and tells it.
Aug 15 2018

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