Member: User_4870137
Jan 16 2019
Member: User_9326113
very informative
Jan 16 2019
Member: norway
too long to wait until someone writes so It uses the tie up and then you have to put more money on the account
Jan 15 2019
Member: User_3364003
she was spot on
Jan 14 2019
Member: User_1773872
She excellent talk honestly I recommend
Jan 13 2019
Member: User_jkqrtk
true words
Jan 11 2019
Member: User_4465490
Jan 9 2019
Member: IsangelfaceCH
Amazing! Tapped in, sound guidance. Thank you!
Jan 9 2019
Member: User_7140318
Her kind words give you comfort
Jan 8 2019
Member: User_e4x9r9
Great advisor.
Jan 8 2019

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