Clairvoyant~ Paul

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Tarot Reading



20+ years experience. Internationally Top Rated Psychic. Empathic Healer. The Tarot is a wonderful tool of divination to accurately look into the windows of a persons life. It gives us amazing details with accuracy about a persons behavior and intentions. We can look into a persons spirit, mind, heart, past, present, future, aura, home, work, hopes, fears and ultimately the outcome of your situation. *Kasamba Certified; Tarot, Astrology, Dream Analysis & Palm Reading* Other Specialties  
About My Services

Tarot is my specialty. I am an internationally top rated psychic Tarot reader. I call myself an Ole Irish Gypsy card reader. I use a Celtic Cross with The Renaissance Deck or The Reiki Archetypal Deck. *Blind Readings* Chakra Balancing/Aura Cleansing offered. Distant/Remote Healings. Pet Psychic/Healer

Experience & Qualifications

. As an empathic intuitive, reading the Tarot comes naturally to me. My skills of insight on love relationships are unparalleled. I am direct and honest with the interpretations of the cards. Humor friendly & judgement free zone.


Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing, Yoga Instructor, Pet Psychic & Healer