About My Services

Accurate readings on business or money and finances how much will u get will u get what ur supposed to will u lose money . Are u looking for a new job and when will u be able to start

Experience & Qualifications

Helping persons to see the future in finances money and work and career choices Also love and money issues


EXPERIENCED Professional in 15 tarot card decks

EXPERIENCED Medium connected to the spirit world

EXPERIENCED Seer seeing future events and mapping out the pattern of events to come.

EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC 20 YEARS self taught a natural psychic.

EXPERIENCED Teacher of the tarot and psychic development classes.

EXPERIENCED Energy reader can read thoughts and feelings. accurately.

EXPERIENCED Crystal ball reader seeing also visions of events to come

EXPERIENCED Relationship expert helping people to make the right decisions to heal their relationships.

Tracey predicts its what she does and then the predictions happen in a higher percentage than anyone else. Noones 100% but tracey is way above the average reader in her ability to predict . Honest answers to honest questions. Ask tracey an honest question she gives an honest answer. Fast typist Tracey is a real psychic