About My Services

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. It often feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Our stress and tiredness make us unhappy, impatient and frustrated. It can even affect our health. We are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop and meditate! But meditation actually gives you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused. Welcome and I am happy to be able to assist you . I have been on liveperson/kasamba for 10 years . Prior to this i had experience with my own website and psychic line .You may recognize my name and ad in the past , as i have been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine . ...You can expect a truthful , compassionate and accurate reading from me . I tell both positive and negative outcomes the way I receive the messages .I am an empath ( able to feel your feelings as well as anyone around you ) .. The thoughts , feelings and intentions of others ..I mainly do intuitive readings thru the use of my clairvoyant gift but can also use tarot cards only if requested . I do have a high repeat clientelle as i give a very personalized reading . I also care about the client i am reading for and tend to get very close. I do not enable dependancy on any psychic reading and will help you to understand and support your own choices in a situation.. I believe that no psychic readings is 100% accurate however i do have a high accuracy rate . You can be assured that all the information that comes to me for you is completely honest and the way I receive the messages .Timing, thoughts and feelings of others and compassion are my strong points . If you are ready for the truth , I am the reader for you .. Please allow at the very least 3-5 minutes for hired session ..Average readings are normally about 5-10 minutes but can vary based on individual situations . I do give discounts to regular clients . Just ask! .Please do not hit hire until a connection is made . This helps me to connect with you and give you the most informative reading I can! ~Master Psychic~ ~Clairvoyant~ ~Times and Details given ~ ~Wicca ~ ~Spells Available~(If requested) ~LOVE Expert~ ~One reading and you will know the difference~

Experience & Qualifications

Over 20 years experience . I noticed my empathic and intuitive skills at a very young age . ..From there gave readings to friends and locally at my home, worked for many well known psychic lines , developed my own psychic phone line and website and at present and the last 5 years have been giving readings exclusively thru liveperson/ kasamba. My ad has been featured in cosmopolitan magazine where i gained many clients worldwide . High - repeat clientelle . I use my own abilities of clairvoyance and clauradience to connect and find the answers you seek. I am a full-time psychic doing extensive readings in my home,by phone and on the internet. DISCLAIMER: My services do not constitute legal, medical or financial advice. By receiving a reading from me you understand all terms and conditions and that outcomes can change due to free will and influences beyond my control .



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