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What is Dream - Dream a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. DREAMS ARE THE MESSAGES FROM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. When we sleep our mind is awake and whatever the day's happenings or our thoughts are registered in mind . Many times it happens that in our dreams we find solutions to many problems . When our waking minds are concentrated on a topic and open to receive answers, our subconscious minds will respond. There are different type of dreams - Desires not fulfilled in the waking state are enjoyed in the dream, Visions of future, Spiritual dreams. I will interpret your dream and tell you TRUTH about your dream. Some dreams warn us about future problems in this case I will provide you Remedies also. Please share your Dream with me and give a chance to help you out. I am an honest person. I never give any speculative answers during my reading. In my reading you will read only TRUTH. Remedies which I provide is totally Practical and anyone able to do that. DISCLAIMER : My reading / remedies / interpretation / services do not a substitute for face to face professional advice and by contacting me you agree you are over 18 and responsible for your own actions.

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I provide my dream interpretation consultancy as well as remedial consultancy from last 18+ years. I have experience in helping people through my abilities. My Clients are from all over the world. PLEASE READ REVIEWS.


Remember few thing always - 1) Every dream have its own meaning. 2) We are here to fulfill our good dreams and overcome on bad dreams. 3) Always BE POSITIVE in your life.